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Lesson Aim:

As children learn about birds, they will praise their Creator, trust the Bible, and

know the creatures of this world couldn’t have just happened. They were designed

by God!

Bible Passage: Selected Scriptures (see Lesson Plan)

Incrediverse - Psalm 111:1-2 - I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart...Great are the works of the Lord.

Echo Phrase: It couldn't just happen. God made them that way!

Apologetics Content: Does every creature have a Creator?

Lesson Plan Download:

Incrediworld Day 4
Download PDF • 514KB

Slides for Day 4:

Bible Lesson & Puppet Show: Day 4

Games: Day 4

Dr. Mister's Incredible Lab: Day 4

Buddy Davis' Creature Feature: Day 4

Craft Cove: Bird Feeder

Daily Drama: Day 4


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