Public Statement - Read on Sunday, January 26, 2020

On Tuesday night, January 14th, the Chairman (Mike) and Vice-Chairman (Kim) of our Deacons and I met with Kirk Smith to discuss growing division within our church body.  The division is directly connected to the failure of Kirk and Lynn to reconcile a breached relationship with members of our church.  During this meeting, Kirk asked if it would be best for them to step down.  Our response was that we needed to take a week and pray about this matter and meet again to discuss.

The deacons and the pastoral staff prayed earnestly for wisdom and the next meeting took place on Wednesday night (January 22nd) lead by Chairman Mike B. and deacon Steve P. At the meeting, Kirk agreed that it was best for them to step down and offered his resignation from leading music and being a deacon.  The resignation was accepted by our deacons.

We are deeply saddened by the necessity of this step and ask each of you to pray earnestly for the Lord to protect the unity of this body from further hurt and division.  We are asking the Lord to bring needed repentance that will enable breached relationships to be restored.  Reconciliation is the desired outcome and we look forward to the day it can be celebrated.  It is our earnest prayer that the Lord would be honored by all our responses.

Yesterday, an important first step in working toward the reconciliation took place.  We praise the Lord and look forward to the day we can celebrate the victory of His grace and restored relationships.

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