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Our Missionaries

Our church is deeply committed to both local missions and global evangelization. We are passionate about making Christ known, both here in Vermont and throughout the world. Trinity prayerfully supports missionaries from the following organizations who partner with us to spread the Gospel to the "uttermost parts of the earth": 

Missionary Card Ministry

Each year, the ladies of our church send out birthday and anniversary cards to all of our missionaries and their families.  


Missionary Closet

The Missionary Closet assists visiting missionaries who are on furlough, deputation, or are serving as guest speakers in our church services. To support them as they travel, we provide missionaries with helpful items that they can choose free-of-charge. The Missionary Closet is located in the first room after the sanctuary going into the office wing. New items may be donated, or monetary gifts can be designated, to help purchase items needed for the Missionary Closet. 



This ministry provides our church with an opportunity to encourage our missionaries. We connect individuals or families in our church with a missionary for the purpose of getting to know them, offering regular written encouragement, and praying specifically for them and their needs. There are still five missionaries available for adoption. Please contact the Missions Committee if you are interested.   

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