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Our Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor Rob McIlwaine

Pastor Rob has been with us since 2017 as an associate pastor of discipleship and administrator of Trinity Baptist School, where he teaches both Bible and History to our Senior High students.  He accepted the call to be our Senior Pastor on November 16, 2021.  He is our Youth Leader, playing a major role in Youth Group, Teen Life Group and Teen D Groups with his wife Dana.  

Pastor Rob is committed to Biblical exposition and is passionate to see our church pursing godliness together. 

Associate Pastor Randy Boardman

Randy graduated from Bob Jones University in 1991. He, along with his wife, Amy, spent 8 years as missionaries in Japan helping plant two churches before pastoring a third. He also invested 11 years planting Harvest Baptist Church in Milton, VT. He enjoys reading, boating, and writing.

As an associate pastor of pastoral care, Pastor Randy is responsible to lead our church to develop a culture of mutual care. Part of this mutual care is our concern for the communities around us. Pastor Randy is helping us to develop community outreach plans and evangelistic training for our members. He leads a D-Group and provides leadership for Expeditions. In addition, Pastor Randy uses his considerable trade skills to help us continually improve the facilities that the Lord has entrusted to our care.  


Office Staff

Elisabeth Finstad 2019

Elisabeth Finstad

Administrative Assistant

Rhona Gotcher 2019

Rhonda Gotcher

Finance Office

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