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Expeditions For Kids

2022 Expeditions kicks off September 11th!

Explore Africa and learn about Missionary David Livingstone!

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Expeditions meets 5:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. on Sunday Nights, September through May

What it's about:

Expeditions is an exciting and adventure-filled children's program designed for children ages 3 years old up through the 6th grade. The program places a strong emphasis on missions, scripture memory, and developing Christian character. Each year in the curriculum the children go on a different expedition to a different place around the world. While there, the children learn all about a great missionary of the past and how God used them. The children's books and the lessons taught each night focus on helping the children to understand more about what missions is, how they can support missionaries around the world right now, and how they can become a great soldier in the army of the Lord. 


Children are divided into four age groups in the Expeditions program.

The four age groups



- The Hikers - (4-5 years old, including Kindergarten)

- The Trackers - (1st-2nd Graders)

- The Pathfinders - (3rd-4th Graders)

- The Trailblazers - (5th-6th Graders)


Creating these four divisions allows us to have curriculum that is both challenging and informative at all levels of development. All of these age groups will go on the same Expedition and will explore the same country and missionary each year, but will be doing so with curriculum the designed for good understanding at their level.

How it works:

Bring your child(ren) to the front lobby at Trinity Baptist School and see the volunteers at the front desk.  They will give you a registration form to fill out (or sign your child in) and direct your child to the correct room based on age.  Each child gets a special journal to track their progress through the Expedition.  If you have registered online you will just need to sign the activity form and emergency permissions.


Hikers (children ages 4-5 years old) do not need to register but should be checked in.

Parents are encouraged to stay for the adult evening service in the church Auditorium.  There is infant/toddler care available in the Preschool wing.  You are also welcome to shadow your child at Expeditions.

This is a FREE program sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church!

Contact the church office if you have any questions!

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